Boyack Orme & Anthony

At Boyack Orme & Anthony, we strive to provide quality legal representation at a reasonable cost. With decades of legal experience in many areas of civil litigation, we provide individual personalized service to each client. Clients regularly speak directly with the attorney handling their file and we recognize that the issues of your case are personal to you and we take the trust shown to us by you very seriously.

As a litigation firm, we know and are comfortable in court. However, we also know that the best outcome to a case is not always trial and we strive to resolve disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible without resorting to lengthy court proceedings. With our background in litigation, we are uniquely situated to anticipate problems that may arise and we work with clients to fashion solutions to those problems before litigation is even necessary.

We regularly work with businesses and other clients in the formation of contracts and other agreements. With our litigation experience, we do all we can to assist those clients in the preparation of documents that, in the long, will hopefully avoid litigation altogether. However, should a dispute arise, our clients know that we also have the litigation experience to continue our work on their behalf.